sweet leaf bath co.’s eco tube

What if your lip balm is just as good for your lips as it is for the earth? Intrigued? I certainly was when I received these 100% compostable eco tubes from Sweet Leaf Bath Company. Unlike most twist-up plastic tubes, you simply squeeze the bottom of this tube to push the balm upwards. Made with Fairtrade oils and butters, my lips felt wonderfully nourished and I loved the Peppermint and Chocoberry flavours. Oh wait, I did get a third flavour – Pomegranate…

So yes, because it’s compostable and the tube is made from 100% recycled paper (post consumer waste), it may not be well… kitty-proof..

I’m sure my kitten Chocco was attracted to the yummy pomegranate scent too – sigh! Too bad I never got to try this one! All in all, these balms are super cute – and I give it a ‘green’ thumbs up for it’s environmentally-friendly efforts! Better yet? It’s just $4.75 a pop.


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