sweet leaf bath co.’s eco tube

What if your lip balm is just as good for your lips as it is for the earth? Intrigued? I certainly was when I received these 100% compostable eco tubes from Sweet Leaf Bath Company. Unlike most twist-up plastic tubes, you simply squeeze the bottom of this tube to push the balm upwards. Made with Fairtrade oils and butters, my lips felt wonderfully nourished and I loved the Peppermint and Chocoberry flavours. Oh wait, I did get a third flavour – Pomegranate…

So yes, because it’s compostable and the tube is made from 100% recycled paper (post consumer waste), it may not be well… kitty-proof..

I’m sure my kitten Chocco was attracted to the yummy pomegranate scent too – sigh! Too bad I never got to try this one! All in all, these balms are super cute – and I give it a ‘green’ thumbs up for it’s environmentally-friendly efforts! Better yet? It’s just $4.75 a pop.


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  • http://twitter.com/thatPRgirl/status/120994129713967104/ Jennifer Sgro (@thatPRgirl)

    The cutest post -and kitty- ever! sweet leaf bath co.’s eco tube http://t.co/4k4Ka7GQ via @beautynerds cc:@SweetLeafBathCo

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  • http://www.twitter.com/isabelily isabel

    honestly really want to comment on how cool the lip balms are (still unsure of how the cap works! is it harder paper?) but how CUTE IS THAT KITTY!!!

    ps. nothing is kitty-proof. ;)

    • Connie

      You got it – the caps are just harder paper. Haha, isn’t he cute? He’s the baby of the family – hence why he’s always getting into mischief! I’ve got another one too :)…

      You sound like you know something about kitties – do you have one too? ;)

      • http://www.twitter.com/isabelily isabel

        i don’t have one myself – but lots of my friends do and i love playing with them (when they are in a good mood of course, those munchkins are too independent!) & i hear horror stories of various destroyed things :D

        • Connie

          Ha! Yes, they can be quite naughty. My kitties act more like dogs – they are not independent in the least bit! In fact, they need love and snuggles constantly and has even won over the I-don’t-like-cats kind of people :)! I am lucky that nothing major has been destroyed (knock on wood), but they sure do love swatting around small objects – like lipsticks and lip glosses!

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