Link Loves {10.11.12}

Wow, I’m really late in posting my link loves for this week. No good excuse really, other than the fact that my dear friend from New York came to visit over the weekend and we were busy showing her around! Well, here’s to better late than never…


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Bioré Spa Party

I’m doing all that I can to unwind after three long years of being in school. So when Bioré contacted me several months ago, to ask if I would be interested in hosting an at-home spa party for me and 3 or 4 of my girlfriends, I couldn’t refuse. I ended up inviting several of […]


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Link Loves {2.12.12}

Hi Beauty Nerds, It’s a cold weekend! Other than working on another of couple projects for school, I’ll be just curling up with my iPad and reading through some of my favourite beauty reads. Yesterday, I found this article on beauty techniques from around the world, which I thought was interesting. Hmm… we should be […]


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Polka Dot Face

Source: via Connie on Pinterest Dear Miss Beauty Nead, I have so many annoying little bumps all over my forehead… I’m assuming that they are clogged pores cuz they eventually turn into zits :( How do I get rid of these clogged pores before they turn into zits??? THANKS!!!

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