An MBA’s Beauty Essentials

I am ecstatic to introduce another guest blogger to you today, my dear classmate and friend, Karina. Because we all lead super busy lives, Karina being no exception, I wondered what she has in her beauty bag of tricks that keeps her looking fresh + vibrant between work and school. She has graciously put together […]


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The paradoxical combination: oily + dehydrated

@beautynerds I don’t know how to solve my oily/clogged T-zone combined with overall dehydration. Suggestions? :(


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The 3-step Guide to your Perfect Sunless Tan

Finally the weather’s warming up and I’m excited about wearing dresses and skirts again! Except… for the fact that my legs are a ghostly shade of pale. I know, real attractive, right? Sooo, you know what that means – it’s time to get into my regular self-tanning routine again. I hope you are achieving your […]


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Polka Dot Face

Source: via Connie on Pinterest Dear Miss Beauty Nead, I have so many annoying little bumps all over my forehead… I’m assuming that they are clogged pores cuz they eventually turn into zits :( How do I get rid of these clogged pores before they turn into zits??? THANKS!!!


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Asian Skin

Dear Miss Beauty Nerd, I just came across your blog, love it! I was wondering what skincare regime you utilize? You have such nice skin! I am korean and find it hard to relate to other beauty blogs that focus just on western skin. Also have you ever tried an BB creams before? Thanks! Sincerely,


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A Yogurt a Day Keeps the Dermatologist away!

The topic of probiotics is a fascinating one for me. Why? Because the relationship between your gut health and skin health has been known to traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, yet it is only recently that scientists in the Western community are discovering the correlation between the two.


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Beauty Nerd’s Favorite Things 2010

I know that I’m not Oprah, but can’t an ordinary girl just list her favorite things for the year too? C’mon, just let me live in denial, at least for a couple days. Let me pretend that I too, have the “Oprah” influence :)! So here it goes…


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Need a ‘hand’ in deciding what to use this winter?

Dear Miss Beauty Nerd, With a young baby to take care of, I have to wash my hands a million times during the day. Now that the colder weather is here my hands are horribly dry. Yet anytime I use a hand cream I find it gets WORSE.


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If Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, what would Pearls be?

Pearls, perhaps to your surprise, could be one of your skin’s finest assets. The beautifying effects of pearls may go beyond skin deep.

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