Link Loves {8.13.12}

Omigosh, can’t believe the weekend just whizzed by… My friend from New York is coming to visit next weekend, and then Mr. Beauty Nerd and I are off to our vacation the week after that! So much to do before that time! Today, let me leave you with a good, hearty list of link loves […]


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Hello Sunshine!

Source: via Connie on Pinterest Hi Miss Beauty Nerd, I live in humid NYC and find that by midday my face is shiny and by the end of the day, my sunscreen/moisturizer has slid into my eyes. Painfully. What are your recommendations for UVA/UVB SPF with light moisture (or even oil control)? Thanks!


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Beauty Nerd’s Favorite Things 2010

I know that I’m not Oprah, but can’t an ordinary girl just list her favorite things for the year too? C’mon, just let me live in denial, at least for a couple days. Let me pretend that I too, have the “Oprah” influence :)! So here it goes…

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