Most noteworthy initiatives for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Happy Wednesday Beauty Nerds! As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and since this cause is always near and dear to my heart, it is important for me to dedicate at least one post to breast cancer in the month of October. This year, I feel as though companies have upped the ante […]


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School Tools {Part 1 – invest in quality brushes}

Source: via Connie on Pinterest Happy Family Day or President’s Day Beauty Nerds! This week, I am scrambling to try to finish all my work before I head to NYC, so I could not be more thrilled that my dear classmate Karina is guest blogging! Her 2 part post (first part today, second part […]


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An MBA’s Beauty Essentials

I am ecstatic to introduce another guest blogger to you today, my dear classmate and friend, Karina. Because we all lead super busy lives, Karina being no exception, I wondered what she has in her beauty bag of tricks that keeps her looking fresh + vibrant between work and school. She has graciously put together […]


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How to fake being ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’

Source: via Elena on Pinterest Hi Miss Beauty Nerd, What suggestions do you have to reduce/conceal under eye circles? As a fellow MBA student, sleep is a scarce luxury and the flourescent lights at work and school exaggerate the bags! Any suggestions you have would be appreciated! Cheers,


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In the last five years or so, there has been a lot of hype about various newly discovered superfoods. The title of this post may give you a clue on which one I will feature today – that’s right, it’s Go-Go-Goji berries! When I first heard about goji berries (also known as wolfberries), and its […]

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