Link Loves {11.4.12}

It’s daylight savings this weekend and I am overjoyed to gain an hour! I’ve been a busy little bee lately, with Project M underway and a lot of pre-Christmas goals that I need to accomplish! What are you up to this weekend? Need a little Sunday reading? Say no more…


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Link Loves {5.6.12}

Hello ladies! I hope you are enjoying a nice leisurely Sunday. I am loving the warm weather that we are finally having – what a treat! For your perusal, I leave you today with a couple of link loves…


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Link Loves {4.9.12}

Wow, so sorry guys. I didn’t expect to be MIA for so long… my final projects are getting the better of me! I promise I will resume my regular posts by Wednesday though… For the time being, check out some lovely link loves…


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Maybelline’s new launches for 2012

Happy Friday Beauty Nerds! I feel like I’m still playing catch up with all the really cool products that I have been test driving, but haven’t yet had the chance to show you. Right before Christmas, I received a bunch of samples from Maybelline’s new 2012 product launches. I even took all the samples with […]


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Link Loves {11.6.11}

Hey guys, Apologies for my slow responses to all the Project M emails – I have been completely swamped at school lately. I promise you I will get to your emails in the next day or so. As for now.. I need some shut eye – so I leave you with some link loves from […]


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Paper Lashes, Adhesive Liners

I’ve been going gaga over all the artistic lashes that I’ve been spotting lately. It started when I was shopping at Paper Place with my friend for her wedding invitations and I saw these astonishingly intricate paper lashes made by Paperself. I was so close to purchasing a pair, but then talked myself out of […]


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Link Loves {9.3.11}

Hi Beauty Nerds, How are you spending your Labour Day Weekend? At the cottage? The Hamptons? Elsewhere? Well in case you need a little leisurely read wherever you are, here are a couple of link loves…


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Link Loves {7.2.11}

I’m in NYC!! And what can I say? I love this city… the food, the shopping, my dear friends… I am definitely happy being back and will maximize my 4 days here indulging in everything NYC possible. I hope your weekend is going just as well as mine – and if you have some down […]


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Link Loves {6.4.11}

Hi Beauty Nerds, If you’re not in Toronto, I sure hope your weather is much better than ours! I woke up to yet another thunderstorm. Sigh! Oh well, I’m going to make a nice cup of coffee and browse through these link loves…have fun doing the same :)!


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Raccoon Eyes

Dear Miss Beauty Nerd, What products or makeup techniques would you recommend to prevent raccoon eyes? I’ve tried setting my eyeliner with a smudge brush and eyeshadow, and used a variety of waterproof eyeliners all to no avail. At the end of the day those dreaded smudges are still there. Someone suggested that new Laura […]

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