An MBA’s Beauty Essentials

I am ecstatic to introduce another guest blogger to you today, my dear classmate and friend, Karina. Because we all lead super busy lives, Karina being no exception, I wondered what she has in her beauty bag of tricks that keeps her looking fresh + vibrant between work and school. She has graciously put together […]


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A beautiful fairytale

So how many of you are bleary-eyed today from staying up to watch the royal wedding? I, on the other hand, was waaay too exhausted after writing my final exam last night, so I passed out. However, I did record it on PVR and spent most of my morning watching it :) – hence the […]


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Multi-functional products – friend or foe?

Dear Miss Beauty Nerd, What do you think of one-step facial cleansers? There’s one by Philosophy that claims to replace your make up and eye removers, facial cleanser and toner. What do you think? Is the result comparable to doing each step separately? Thanks!

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