Multi-functional products – friend or foe?

Dear Miss Beauty Nerd, What do you think of one-step facial cleansers? There’s one by Philosophy that claims to replace your make up and eye removers, facial cleanser and toner. What do you think? Is the result comparable to doing each step separately? Thanks!


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Kaia Naturals: eco-friendly wipes for delicate skin types

Source: Kaia Naturals While I was rummaging through my product drawer this morning (and yes, I have several beauty product drawers, a testament to my crazy obsession), I discovered a forgotten, but cherished sample of a Kaia Naturals cleansing cloth. Don’t you love when you rediscover these hidden gems? I had not heard of this […]


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Caudalie Product Review: Vinosource Creme Sorbet & Beauty Elixir

As requested through YouTube, I have documented my product review on two Caudalie products.


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A Yogurt a Day Keeps the Dermatologist away!

The topic of probiotics is a fascinating one for me. Why? Because the relationship between your gut health and skin health has been known to traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, yet it is only recently that scientists in the Western community are discovering the correlation between the two.


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Asia’s Cult Product: BB Cream

During my travels to Asia last spring (Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, namely), I was introduced to Asia’s most coveted, cult product – BB Cream!


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Burt’s Bees Radiant Eye Cream with Royal Jelly

5 reasons why I love this product:


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Truth Serum

Dear Miss Beauty Nerd, What are your thoughts about serums? Thanks,


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Need a ‘hand’ in deciding what to use this winter?

Dear Miss Beauty Nerd, With a young baby to take care of, I have to wash my hands a million times during the day. Now that the colder weather is here my hands are horribly dry. Yet anytime I use a hand cream I find it gets WORSE.


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For all you Germaphobes!

Several weeks ago, I attended a seminar about International Trade.  Sound boring?  Well actually, quite the contrary!  One of the key presenters was the CEO of Soapopular, and he showed us their star product, an alcohol-free hand sanitizer.  What I love about this product is that it is non-drying and good for sensitive skin.  I […]


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Stage Makeup

Source: via Connie on Pinterest Dear Miss Beauty Nerd, I was wishing that I knew a makeup expert, and then I realized that I do know a makeup expert! I am in a musical, and they want us to wear stage makeup, not regular makeup. The are recommending the Ben Nye kit. From the […]

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