Link Loves {8.13.12}

Omigosh, can’t believe the weekend just whizzed by… My friend from New York is coming to visit next weekend, and then Mr. Beauty Nerd and I are off to our vacation the week after that! So much to do before that time! Today, let me leave you with a good, hearty list of link loves […]


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lipstick swatches…

Source: via Connie on Pinterest Do you ever mix your lipsticks or lip glosses to create your own custom colour? I frequently do so because for whatever reason, I always seem to have a collection of lipsticks that are either too pale for my skin tone, or some that are just too dark. Mixing […]


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Link Loves {5.21.12}

Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend! I know I am! The weather has been so outstanding… Mr. Beauty Nerd and I went for a long bike ride along the waterfront yesterday, which was absolutely amazing. I expect that you are all enjoying the summer outdoors rather than reading blogs, but in case you […]


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Link Loves {5.6.12}

Hello ladies! I hope you are enjoying a nice leisurely Sunday. I am loving the warm weather that we are finally having – what a treat! For your perusal, I leave you today with a couple of link loves…


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Link Loves {3.11.12}

Wow, daylight savings time has completely thrown me off schedule this weekend – what about you? I can’t believe it’s already so late Sunday night. I have still not finished my laundry and I am just now getting around to posting the link loves this week!


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Link Loves {9.10.11}

What’s on your agenda this gorgeous Saturday Beauty Nerds? I am looking forward to a nice get together with my classmates this evening before we kick off our final year of school… it’s going to be bittersweet… Let me leave you with a couple of link loves for this week.

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