Link Loves {1.15.12}

It has suddenly gotten so much colder in Toronto in the last couple of days, so I am happy to be staying indoors today to cook, clean and peruse through blogs from my fellow bloggers… I’m especially loving this new beauty site I discovered called All Women Stalk – check out their post on ‘10 […]


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Kaia Naturals: eco-friendly wipes for delicate skin types

Source: Kaia Naturals While I was rummaging through my product drawer this morning (and yes, I have several beauty product drawers, a testament to my crazy obsession), I discovered a forgotten, but cherished sample of a Kaia Naturals cleansing cloth. Don’t you love when you rediscover these hidden gems? I had not heard of this […]


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Anthropologie’s Fragrance Pencils

I’m a sucker for pretty stationery. Every September, my favorite scholarly activity is to go school supply shopping. How academic of me, I know. And if you have been following this blog for awhile, you also know that I am also a sucker for beauty products and tea. Well miraculously, someone… and by that someone […]


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Link Loves {2.26.11}

Hi Beauty Nerds, I am happy to be a new member in the Beauty Blog Link Love network where we all spread our love to fellow beauty bloggers. Every other Saturday, I will be posting another Beauty Blog Link Love update. Enjoy exploring these blogs and have a great weekend!


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Color Product Review: MAC Packed to Go Sets

Happy Friday Beauty Nerds! Say hello to my first cosmetic review (as opposed to skin care that is)! These MAC Packed to Go sets will be launching in the Spring at duty-free shops in airports around the globe. This is a fantastic idea if you are a last minute packer like me and frequently forget […]

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