The ‘Allure’ of technology…

I’ve never been much of a tech geek until I met my hubby, Peter. He has single-handedly started my obsession with Apple. While of course, he uses his Apple products to satisfy his techie and sci-fi interests, I use my Apple gear to better my beauty experience. And of course, with new devices, comes new opportunities. Most notably? New opportunities for apps. Lots of them. My latest go-to app for hunting down the trendiest lipstick, hottest nail colour, or best new primer is the Allure iPad app.

I’ll admit – I have subscriptions to a lot of magazines. Peter also has subscriptions to a lot of magazines. And because we live in a condo, our space is precious and limited. My rationale (or excuse) to purchase the iPad 2 is to eliminate this clutter. (Rationale, excuse – potato, poTAto). Now, with the launch of the new Allure iPad app, my clutter has just been cut down by one subscription. And you know what? It feels awesome.

If you already have a subscription to Allure, just sign in with your subscription info and you will have instant access to digital versions of your magazine. Here is a screenshot of the Allure app home screen. As you can see, you also can still access last month’s magazine, just in case you weren’t quite finished perusing.

The great thing about viewing images on the iPad is that you still get the full colour display, as if you are viewing an actual page in a magazine. Here is a screenshot taken directly from my iPad of the June 2011 cover.

Simply swipe sideways to flip the page, or scroll down if you want to see more of a particular page.

Look at the gorgeous colour on the images! There is ‘virtually’ no compromise to switching to a digital version…

Oh, and some pages even include mini videos. Can’t you tell I’m so excited about all this new technology??

Here is a shot of the same page, but with the video actually playing within the page. If you wish, you can also expand the video window to view it full screen.

I am really hoping that ALL magazines will be available digitally in the near future, so we can cut down on wasting paper and de-clutter our homes! I cannot wait until I can access all my favourite magazines on one device, wouldn’t you agree? So what beauty apps are your favs?


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