The Beauty Supplement Market is huge in Japan!

In my books, nothing tops the exhilarating feeling of travelling to faraway lands. For a moment in time, you can immerse yourself in a new culture – be stimulated by new aromas and flavors of the local food, capture the subtle nuances in both spoken and unspoken communication, and spot the hottest trends on the local scene. It’s sensory overload, quite frankly – but what an extraordinary and rich experience! Learning about an unfamiliar “way of life”, broadens perspectives, stimulates creativity and allows one to appreciate the diversity of the world we live in.

Last April, my husband and I chose Japan as our ‘faraway’ destination to explore. We were awed by Japan’s unique cultural flair, their unbelievable sense of style, and meticulous approach to everyday living. Of course, being a true Beauty Nerd at heart, I scoped out the beauty scene, and trust me, there is nothing mundane about the vibrant beauty market in Japan. Everywhere I turned, girls seemed flawless and gorgeous! What was their secret?? Was it their impeccable attention to detail in their beauty regimen (they are accustomed to 6-7 steps in their skin care regimen as opposed to our 2-3 in North America!)? Or was it the strong emphasis on approaching beauty from the inside out? Not only did I see a plethora of beauty supplements in every store but many beauty boutiques had their own refrigerators specifically to house beauty drinks! Can you believe it?

As I was strolling through the subway station, on my way to Harajuku, I spotted the launch of Shiseido’s new brand called IN&ON, which included a lineup of firming face masks and anti-aging beverages targeting women in their mid-40’s. Here are a couple of the photos I took…

Do you have photos of beauty products or beauty boutiques from around the world? Please share! Just send me the photo and a brief description of the location, beauty product, etc and I will post it as a new blog post! Please send through email at

Happy Friday Beauty Nerds!

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