The pursuit of happiness

Hi my lovely Beauty Nerds,

I woke up this morning feeling a little weighed down by all the work that needs to be done in the next couple of weeks. Maybe because it’s Wednesday, and it’s easy to fall into the mid-week slump. Are you feeling it? Then, I came across a really interesting article that perked me up, so I thought I would share it with you: Harvard Business Review blogs about how work productivity actually increases if you are happy. According to the HBR article, “75% of long-term job success is based upon your ability to positively adapt to the world: optimism, social support creation, and viewing stress as a challenge instead of as a threat.” Shouldn’t that be motivation enough to put a smile on your face? If you, too, are feeling the mid-week blues, navigate the chart below to begin your own pursuit for happiness! Try not to go down the ‘unhappy’ route, though, unless you want to be unproductive, add a few years to your complexion, and be called “Debbie Downer”…

Speaking of things that make me happy, if you missed it last week, I was featured as a guest blogger on Beauty Bets, one of my ultimate favourite beauty reads! Check out her site too for some unbelievable beauty awesomeness…

Oooh, and I am working on a new category that I am ‘over the moon’ excited about. First post will be on Friday, so stay tuned!


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  • Love, B

    Congrats on being featured! Can’t wait to see the new category :).

  • Connie

    Thanks so much!! xx