The sock bun tutorial

Another final project down and now just one more final exam to go! I am so excited! My friend L flew in from Edmonton last week to give me some moral support through all the stuff that I’ve been going through lately. Even though I’ve been swamped with school projects, we were able to find some downtime… which, we spent doing fun girly things, of course! One such activity was experimenting with new hairstyles…

So I’ve never been great at putting up my hair – or even styling my hair for that matter. A couple months ago, I discovered one of my now all time favourite fashion bloggers, Wendy’s Lookbook. Aside from having an impeccable sense of style, Wendy has some pretty awesome hair tutorials too. Over the last couple of days, L and I were practicing – the sock bun. Have you heard of it? We absolutely adore it, especially because we don’t have quite enough hair to make a really full bun. Using a sock in your hair, {yes, you heard me right}, you can actually achieve the full bun look sans hair extensions.. Amazing, right? Anyway, let me share Wendy’s tutorial with you below and perhaps you’ll have some fun experimenting with it this weekend too!!


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