Trending now: mandarin is this summer’s ‘hip note’!

If Tangerine Tango is declared colour of the year, then it comes as no surprise that mandarin is the fragrance note of summer 2012. Each season, Tru Fragrance, a custom fragrance development company hand picks what they deem as the trending note, and calls it their HipNote. Now that I’ve given you a little insider tidbit on this season’s fragrance trends, I’m sure you’re dying to know which fragrances contain mandarin, right?

The images I have above are an obvious giveaway ;) – so yes, they include Coach Summer Edition 2012, Nine West Love Fury and Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme by Chanel. And besides just fragrance, you might have noticed that mandarin madness is sweeping the nation. For example, haven’t you noticed this bright, cheery colour making its way into home decor, entertainment (think Hunger Games) and fashion alike? I know I’ve been gravitating towards my coral lipsticks and bright popsicle orange tops!

To commemorate this season’s passion for mandarin, Tru Fragrance partnered with a renowned perfumer, Kevin James Verspoor from Drom Fragrances to develop a limited edition mandarin fragrance. Yup, that’s the little HipNote Mandarin bottle shown above. The notes are bright and energetic, perfect for summer. If you want to get your hands on a bottle of HipNote Mandarin, they are unfortunately not for sale. However, you can ask for a complimentary sample through “Hipnozes by Tru Fragrance” on Facebook.

So Beauty Nerds, are you wearing fragrances with mandarin this summer?


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