Truth Serum

Dear Miss Beauty Nerd,

What are your thoughts about serums?


I named this post “Truth Serum” not because the topic of this post is about the psychoactive drug used to elicit the truth out of unwilling individuals, but… I got your attention right? :) Ok, now to M’s real question…. She is actually asking about the truth behind serums.

So let me first start by saying, thanks for sharing your question, M! Many customers wonder whether serums are just hype or whether they actually have the additional skin benefits that they claim to have. Is this just another way for marketers to make money? Although I cannot speak for all brands, I do know, that serums (especially from the more well-established brands) do contain much more concentrated ingredients. Due to the texture and smaller molecular size of serums in general, they tend to have the ability to penetrate more deeply into the skin, providing more potent benefits than what can be achieved by your moisturizer alone. However, serums often do not provide enough moisture for the skin when used alone, and should be applied in conjunction with your moisturizer. For best results, use your serum before you go to bed, while your skin is rejuvenating during a good night’s rest. Applying your serum before your moisturizer will also help your moisturizer penetrate better, thereby maximizing the benefits of both products.

So here’s an insider tidbit – efficacious skin care ingredients cost more to beauty companies. This is the reason why skin care serums tend to be much more expensive, for a much lower fill weight. The saving grace: because they are more concentrated, you do not need to use as much.

If you are still skeptical, look for serums that have had clinical testing. For example, Lancome’s Genefique claims “Visibly younger looking skin in 7 days”. Larger companies tend to have bigger budgets to perform efficacy testing with a more substantial panel size, which may give you more reliable results (I’m no statistics whiz, but at least I can tell you that much!). That’s not to say that small brands do not make great serums as well, it would just be more difficult for them to prove specific effects from their product if they are not investing on the clinical studies.

Here’s another serum that may be of interest, and I believe that the beauty industry will be heading in this direction, as research starts coming out about probiotics for skin. Nude Skincare came out with their Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum that is based on “advanced probiotic technology” and has been clinically proven to increase cellular renewal, reduce cellular damage, and decrease irritation. I’m super excited to try this product!

Hope this helps!


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