Veux-tu être mon Valentin?

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I am feeling inspired by the most romantic city in the world….. Paris. With its chic vintage style, old-age glamour and extravagant aesthetics, I thought I would put together a collage of all things I lust for…

1. Etsy – à la parisienne {stationary blank note card} I’m a huge fan of gorgeous stationery and was pleased to stumble upon these Parisian-inspired notecards… put away the keyboard, and let’s go back to handwriting our love letters for that extra personal touch…

2. Anthropologie {Crystalline Bubbles Perfume Bottle} Fill with your favorite fragrance and admire its gracious presence as it sits on your vanity…

3. Alexander White Design {Butterfly Kisses} My dear friend, Alexander White has started his own floral design company in New York. He is amazingly talented and this beautiful bouquet showcases his commitment to fine craftsmanship and exquisite taste. It could be the perfect Valentine’s gift for your special someone. How can you not swoon over a bouquet so divine?

4. Ladurée {Marie Antoinette Tea} Of course, Paris would not be Paris without Ladurée – what better way to warm up to your honey, cuddled up in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of Marie Antoinette tea?

5. Molton Brown {Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Bathing Milk} Want silky, soft skin before your special night? Soak in Molton Brown’s conditioning bathing milk….

6. Voluspa Japonica Large Pedestal Candle {Capri Fig Frangipani} Perhaps you are planning a romantic dinner in? Light a Voluspa candle to set the mood.

7. Tocca Solid Perfume {Florence} Fragrance should never be overpowering. Lightly dot the nape of your neck with the feminine notes from Tocca’s solid perfume.

8. Christian Louboutin {Mount Street Petal Flower Pink} Yes, I know it’s last season – but, this Louboutin masterpiece still exudes that Parisian-boutique sophistication…

9. Etsy – à la parisienne {Peachy Blush Ensemble- Coordinating Blush Chiffon Flower Pin Bow Clip and Belt Sash} Yes, Valentine’s Day could be an excuse to sport this ensemble, but why limit it to Valentine’s day? Just wear it whenever you are yearning for that extra feminine glamour…

How’s that for romance? And if cupid hasn’t been as kind to you this year, that doesn’t matter either – just fall in love with these pretty little things. In fact, I am staring at this wonderful collection of Parisian-inspired luxuries and thinking, ‘Veux-tu être mon Valentin?’

Bonne Saint-Valentin Beauty Nerds!


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  • ArticulateArt

    Everything’s so dazzingly pretty!!!

  • Connie

    Thanks so much! I like your site as well!