Introducing…. Vivian Luk, a rising new star in the world of fashion

While I do try to keep 98% of my content beauty-related, there is the odd 2% where I feel I need to make an exception. This is one of them. Today, I want to proudly boast about one of my dearest friends and an old roommate from New York, Vivian Luk. She and I shared two major things in common – we both were Canadians living in the Big Apple and we both had BIG dreams. She wanted to become a high-end fashion designer. I wanted to develop beauty products. Together, we navigated the City, worked and strived to make an impact in our respective industries, and endured our fair share of trials and tribulations. All the while, we never fully knew where it would end up taking us. Two years ago, we both left New York. Vivian left for Hong Kong and I moved to Toronto.

Last week, when Vivian sent me this video of her debut as a fashion designer in Hong Kong, with her first ever fashion show “Pan Collection”, it struck a chord with me. She had done it! What an inspiration she is to me, and should be to all women! Her hard work, talent, and unbelievable drive to keep going even when times are tough, has made her something truly special. I am happy to be able to witness a rising star. And now more than ever, I believe that if you really want something badly, you can make it happen… Follow your dreams, and beautiful things will come!

Do not forget to check out Vivian’s website:

Yours truly,

Vivian Luk Launches Pan Collection from Vivian Luk on Vimeo.

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