Watermelon-Grape Granita

I know granitas originate from Sicily, but do you think I would be able to find something comparable, here in Barcelona? The August heat has me craving for something cool and refreshing… and preferably guilt-free. While I go search for my perfect granita, Divya from Flavour Fiesta has a DIY version for you…

Ahh, just a few more weeks of summer – I really wish it could last longer! To make the most of the hot weather, I wanted to make ice cream, but since that’s not really good for the waistline, I decided to try granita instead. For those of you who haven’t had granita, it’s like a frozen sorbet, but with the texture of a snow cone.
Granitas originated in Italy and have only recently become popular in North America. They are the perfect way to indulge without the extra sugar and fat that most frozen desserts contain. The flavour possibilities are endless – you can try chocolate granitas and even plain mint granitas – the choice is yours!
Since I can’t get enough of watermelons in the summer, I concocted a watermelon granita with grapes, lemon and mint. It’s a gorgeous shade of pink, don’t you think?
Note: Granitas typically contain added sugar, but to make this somewhat healthier, I used red grapes to add some natural sweetness. So yes, this dessert contains no added sugar! How’s that for guilt-free?

serves 8-10

5 cups cubed watermelon (seedless)
3 cups seedless red grapes
Zest of 2 medium lemons
2 medium lemons, juiced
8-10 mint leaves (medium-sized)
½ cup water

Step 1: Blend the grapes, water and lemon juice. Strain and reserve the juice in a bowl.
Note: Don’t discard the grape skins – they taste good and are a great source of fiber. I’ll be adding them to my morning smoothies.
Step 2: Blend the watermelon, lemon zest and mint until smooth and add the strained grape juice to the mixture. Mix well and transfer to a large shallow glass dish or roasting pan.
Step 3: Place the glass dish in the freezer and rake the mixture with a fork after every hour for the next four hours. Or rake after one hour and then leave it in the freezer overnight. Then, rake in the morning to achieve a grainier texture.
Serve in a small bowl with mint leaves for garnish. Enjoy!

Are you swooning at how gorgeous this looks yet? Better yet, this dreamy, complexion-enhancing frozen dessert contains ingredients that promises hydration, youth preservation and a healthy radiance…

Watermelon: Watermelons are great for hydration and you really get more bang for your buck with this juicy fruit. Why? Because its nutrient-to-calorie ratio is high… watermelons are low in calories, but its plethora of vitamin A, B’s, C, beta-carotene and lycopene makes this fruit just as much of a skin-glowing contender as its other fruity counterparts.

Red Grapes: Grapes have a long, tireless list of phytonutrients, one of which you may already be familiar with – resveratrol. Yes, and this is why, wine (made from grapes) can actually be good for you – when consumed in controlled proportions, of course. Resveratrol is thought to promote anti-aging and longevity, which is why many beauty companies from Caudalie to Bite Cosmetics are touting it as one of their key ingredients.

Lemon juice: Like the other citrus fruits, lemons are high in vitamin C, which plays a role in your skin’s collagen production. At this rate, they will never guess your age.

Let us know how it goes – leave a comment!


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