What order do I use my skincare?

Hi Miss Beauty Nerd,
I have all of these face products and I don’t know when to use what. Can you tell me the order to apply them and do I use them all together or at different times? I have face wash, face scrub, face mask, salicylic acid acne cream, face toner, daytime face moisturizer, and nighttime face lotion.

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Hi S,
I’m glad you asked this question, because I’ve been asked this one before by some of my friends. I know with so many products on your vanity, the order of use can be fairly confusing. Here are a couple general rules of thumb:
♥ For creams, lotions and toners, always start with the lightest texture first. For example, toners should always be applied before serums and serums should be applied before creams.
♥ When it comes to face washes, scrubs and masks, I always like to use the face wash last. Why? Because the face wash will help you clean and rinse off any scrub or mask that may be left on your skin. You want your face nice and clean before you apply your toner. If you are to use the scrub and mask at the same time, always start with the scrub. It will help you slough off the dead skin cells before you apply the treatment mask, and doing so will help your skin better absorb the ingredients from the mask.

Lastly, I’m not sure if you are using your salicylic acne cream during the day or at night (it can be used at either time, really), but I don’t think there would the need to use day cream, night cream and salicylic acne cream all on the same day. I would substitute the salicylic acne cream (if you really need it) for either the day cream or night cream (so that you are only using 2 creams per day). If you do feel the need to use all three (perhaps your day cream has SPF), then you may want to alternate the salicylic acne cream with your night cream (i.e. some nights use the acne cream and others use the night cream).

In terms of frequency and order of use, here is a recommended guideline…

Hope this helps! Happy Friday!!


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